Classical fun! 

Had a little spontaneous performance at a wedding ceremony with two lovely ladies playing the cello and violin.  I have never played with a violin and cello before and it was awesome!  Definitely enjoyed the sound we made and I am thinking I would like to do that again in the future. 

Laryngoscopy Procedure 

So, I have been having a bit of trouble with my voice lately and decided to go to the doctor to see what is up.  Nothing serious, but I was worried that I may have damaged my vocal folds from singing too much and too improperly.  But much to my relief, the video shows that my vocal folds are nice and healthy and closing like they should.  Whoo!!!  I feel better!  But I still have some discomfort so I may have Gastrointestinal reflux or just allergies.  Who knows, but at least my voice is fine.  You can see in the video, especially at marker 56, that when I make an "E" sound, my vocal folds close perfectly.  So, I guess what I got from this video is that I really need to practice and start taking vocal lessons.  Sorry if this is kinda gross, but I think this is fascinating.  

Till next time!


New Martin Guitar! 

Well, after two grueling years of waiting to buy a Taylor guitar, I walked into the music shop intent on buying strings, but instead came out with a lovely Martin Guitar.  I was always looking for a Taylor to match my finger style needs, but I pick up this Martin and Man Was it SWEET!  Thanks Martin guitars!  You have made my performances even nicer!

Marietta Jazz, Jokes and Art Series 

Fontaine Lewis Presents...
Brandon Crocker performing tribute songs to John Mayer and other favorites. It's a night of music, comedy and the arts. Brandon will perform two 50 minute sets with a comedy act in between. 
Tickets can be purchased online:

Brandon Crocker

Coast, Atlanta



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